Shimano Tyrnos II


Shimano Tyrnos II

Tyrnos 20 II 15KG 5.0:1, 2.0:1 10KG 600M 1110 GRAM 4 BEARINGS
Tyrnos 30 II 15KG 5.0:1, 2.0:1 15KG 600M 1160 GRAM 4 BEARINGS
Tyrnos 50 II LRS 19KG 4.0:1, 1.5:1 24KG 600M 1625 GRAM 4 BEARINGS


Shimano Tyrnos II features a push-button gearshift, a solid die-cast aluminum frame, and oversized stainless steel gearing.

The Tyrnos II is tough. Africa tough you may ask???  I think so!

The gunmetal colored steel frame is tuff and rigid, ensuring that all the power from the oversized handle goes straight into the gear, and once you engage the two-speed gear the game is on!

With a one-piece cold forged frame, light-weight spool, twin pawl anti-reverse mechanisms, and oversized High-Efficiency Gearing, these durable aluminum reels have the incredible cranking power anglers look for in a light/medium tackle reel.

We carry the full range of Tyrnos reels, both the single and two speed and have used them on many trips. Catching species all the way from snoek up to massive tarpon!

Lately, the big Tyrnos II 50 has emerged as a firm favorite with anglers using drones from the beach to target big sharks!!! Spooled with 50lb Berkley Whiplash these reels manage to take an incredible amount of line with ample space for a top shot of thick mono.

For more information on these awesome reels call us on 012 809 3334 or visit our Pretoria store!

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Reel Size

20 II, 30 II, 50 II LRS

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