Shimano Speedmaster II 



Shimano Speedmaster II

Speedmaster 16 II  18 KG  5.7:1,3.1:1  20LB 400M    760 GRAM  4+1 BEARING
Speedmaster 20 II  20 KG  5.2:1,2.3:1  30LB 430M    980 GRAM  4+1 BEARING
Speedmaster 25 II  20 KG  5.2:1,2.3:1  30LB 500M  1025 GRAM  4+1 BEARING
The Shimano Speedmaster II is an extremely durable, high-performance reel. This reel seems to replace the much-loved Shimano Torsa. Big boots to fill, but it seems to be a pretty impressive and solid reel!
We are happy to announce that they are now available in-store, right here in Pretoria, South Africa.
Sporting a maximum drag of 40lb plus, this reel will stop most fish! The drag has an ultra-wide range of adjustments and as with all Shimano drags ultra-smooth!!!
With a rigid HAGANE Body that prevents misalignment of moving parts under the heaviest loads, turning this reel into a fighting machine.
This reel will be fantastic filled with braid backing and a short mono top shot. With all the drag that this little reel has to offer and a decent backing, you can almost target any fish and win!
Included is a spare drag lever for adjusting the drag curve for optimal use with monofilament lines, giving the Speedmaster II a less aggressive drag curve that is ideal for targeting sailfish and Couta.
For more info call us on 012 809 3334 or visit our Pretoria store.
Reel Size

16, 20, 25


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