Shimano Tiagra


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Shimano Tiagra


 Tiagra 20 A 16 KG 3.9:1, 1.7:1   20LB 630M 1409 GRAM 4 BEARINGS
 Tiagra 30 WLRSA 15 KG 3.9:1, 1.7:1   30LB 700M 1576 GRAM 4 BEARINGS
 Tiagra 50 WLRSA 20 KG 3.1:1, 1.3:1   50LB 750M 2447 GRAM 4 BEARINGS
 Tiagra 80 WA 24 KG 2.5:1, 1.3:1   80LB 900M 3266 GRAM 4 BEARINGS
 Tiagra 130 A 45 KG 2.2:1, 1.1:1 130LB 900M 4936 GRAM 6 BEARINGS


The Shimano Tiagra is in our opinion the ultimate Big Game reel. Amazing drags with extreme longevity!

Perfect for every fish swimming off the coast of South Africa.

We range the following models:

-Tiagra 20 A

-Tiagra 30 WLRSA

-Tiagra 50 WLRSA

-Tiagra 80 WA

-Tiagra 130 A

According to the Shimano website, the Shimano Tiagra reels feature an innovative hydrothermal drag system that virtually eliminates the drag setting variances. I can confirm this after years of setting drags on multiple different brands of top-spec big game reels. Nothing holds its drag like a Shimano Tiagra!

Why is this important you may ask?

When you hook that Tuna of a lifetime, in a ruff sea 70km out of Hout Bay it is great to know exactly where you are drag-wise to ensure that you can never ever break your line.

Sure the Shimano Tiagra is not cheap, but should be considered an investment for a lifetime…

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Reel Size

TI-20A, TI-30WLRSA, TI-50WLRSA, TI-80WA, TI-130A

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