Shimano Tranx 


Shimano Tranx

The Shimano Tranx series is the latest and greatest saltwater baitcaster from Shimano. We stock three models in the range. The 200,300, and 400 sizes.

Tranx 150 XG 6KG 8:2:1 20-150 3+1 BEARINGS
Tranx 200 XG 5.5KG 8.5:1 14-110 3+1 BEARINGS
Tranx 300 A 8KG 5.8:1 14/180 5+1 BEARINGS
Tranx 400 HG 8KG 7.6:1 14/260 5+1 BEARINGS

The Shimano Tranx is built to withstand the harshest saltwater environments. After over a decade of corrosion study, Shimano has developed a reel concept that will deliver long-lasting durability and performance for inshore anglers around the world.

In South Africa, we do not use the term “inshore”, but it would typically relate to estuaries and bays. We generally prefer grinders with braid…

However, the Tranx series with its ruggedness is still an ideal companion for winding in big swimbaits for bass, and in the bigger models ideal for light inshore jigging, bay fishing, or even rock and surf.

So in short, heavy-duty Bass, light Saltwater with a bit of Tigerfish in-between.


This would be my first choice reel for pitching live baits and topwater lures at Rock Salmon in a place like Kosi Bay and other estuaries all along our east coast. When walking the dog with stick baits for Garrick, Springer, or even Grunter you can be sure to rely on the world-famous Shimano drag, strong gears, and CoreProtect to ensure performance cast after cast.

Spool with 20 to 50lb braid for best results and hang on!

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We run a bunch of video channels too, on YouTube – right here is a saltwater list that is going to be growing flat out over the next short while…

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150, 200, 300, 400

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