Shimano TLD


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Shimano TLD

 TLD 15  10KG  4.0:1  20LB 410M  527 GRAM  4 BEARINGS
 TLD 20  10KG  3.6:1  20LB 640M  670 GRAM  4 BEARINGS
 TLD 25  10KG  3.6:1  30LB 540M  695 GRAM  4 BEARINGS

The Shimano TLD range changed all of our lives. Forever…

It was 1987 when these futuristic and quantum-leaping lever drags came to the shelves in South Africa. We were all held in awe at their unbelievably smooth drag systems with those huge washers. Their perfect balance. Their military looks.

And that song of a ratchet sound!

These reels put fish within reach, which before, was too much for our tackle. 4/0 And 5/0 super slow star drags were readily replaced by the affordable Shimano TLDs.

At 3.5:1, the Shimano TLD25 packs a punch. At sunset setting, you have enough power to lift a tuna from the depths. And at lighter drags, the smooth constant pressure beats fish to the boat.

The drag range is one of the nicest things about the lever drag TLD. You can have it in literal free spool whilst chunking for tuna, jam it up to strike when a fish hits, and then go to sunset when a shark threatens. And fishing the reel with lighter tackle for tournaments makes perfect sense. That smooth drag!

For more info call us on 012 809 3334.

Reel Size

15, 20, 25

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