Shimano Spheros SW


Shimano Spheros SW

SW 5000 XG 10 KG 6.2:1 20 LB 300 YDS 440 GRAMS 4+1 BEARINGS
SW 10000 PG 12 KG 4.9:1 65 LB 300 YDS 667 GRAMS 4+1 BEARINGS
SW 18000 HG 18 KG 5.7:1 50 LB 600 YDS 910 GRAMS 4+1 BEARINGS
SW 20000 PG 18 KG 4.4:1 80 LB 400 YDS 920 GRAMS 4+1 BEARINGS

The new Shimano Spheros SW has massive boots to fill!

The Spheros range is seen as the jack of all trades in the saltwater realm. Shimano redesigned the Spheros SW series of saltwater spinning reels to conquer both offshore and inshore water.

The 2021 Spheros features Shimano’s flagship Infinity Drive technology to improve pinion gear support and enhance the overall drive gear design!

Spheros SW provides anglers with increased winding power under load when cranking against hard-fighting game fish. Wielding both X-Protect and X-Shield for improved water resistance for increased durability in the harsh saltwater environment.

The IPX8 water-resistant-rated body makes this reel perfect for Rock and Surf anglers wading through the surf…

Available in seven different sizes, the new 14000 and 18000 sizes span the gap between 10000 and 20000 models for a broader range of applications within the Spheros SW series of reels.

From jigging for Doggies or Amberjacks, to tossing lures at Yellowfin Tuna, or free-lining live bait to sailfish, the Spheros SW series will provide dependable performance for anglers targeting prized game fish.

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Reel Size

5000 XG, 6000 HG, 10 000 PG, 18 000 HG, 20 000 PG

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