Black Bart St Thomas Prowler


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Black Bart St Thomas Prowler

Black Bart St Thomas Prowler was the first lure in the famous Prowler series.

Success with this lure was overnight and led to the making of the other Prowlers in this series of unique & advanced fish catchers.

St. Thomas Prowler, Abaco Prowler, Oz Prowler, Puerto Rico Prowler, try all of these Prowler’s & find out why they are the pros choice.

Cupped nose with large jets, make this lure the all-weather, all tackle, all species pro. Choice rigger lure, high hook-up ratio, straight runner. Rig with 9/0 hookset.

Check out this video:

Fishing Pro Shop has been a proud stockist of Black Bart Lures for over 10 years!

Want to talk about Black Bart lures or custom rigging? Feel free to call us on 012 809 3334…

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