The SHIMANO SARAGOSA SW loves punishment!

The Saragosa SW now features Infinity Drive Technology and increases the reel’s winding torque under load compared to its predecessor, giving anglers a distinct advantage over hard-fighting game fish.

Combined with a battle-tested rigid HAGANE Body that won’t flex under immense loads and the HAGANE Gear to create eternally smooth reeling, the capabilities of the Saragosa SW make it a thoroughbred workhorse among saltwater spinning reels.

Benefiting from an IPX8-rated waterproof body, Saragosa SW also features a waterproof Cross Carbon drag and X-Protect for high-level water resistance to create long-lasting durability without sacrificing performance.

No matter whether anglers are fishing inshore or offshore, jigging for bottom fish or casting baits at tailing fish, they can count on — just like they always have — the Saragosa SW to stay smooth no matter the conditions and perform when needed most. The bar is raised for saltwater spinning reels.

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5000 XG, 6000 HG, 8000 HG, 10 000 PG, 14 000 XG, 18 000 HG, 20 000 PG, 25 000


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